Helping Our Youth

Press for the Prize

The teenage years are a journey of unique, difficult, and life changing hurdles. Although many face these challenges alone, we at FBC believe that no one should have to. Our youth ministries provide the right support team to help young people run the race of life through the use of God’s Word. We invite YOU to become part of a family of friends that help each other press for the prize.




Activities and Events

Our youth group takes part in a special activity every month that is meant to edify and build relationships.

 Youth Activities for 2016

  • June 20- 24 | Summer Camp
  • June 27- July 1 | V.B.S. 
  • August 15 | Knoebel’s Amusement Park 
  • October 10 | Youth Fest at NEBC
  • December 27 | Omni-night 

Bible Study

This is a time for teenagers to bring their questions and learn from the Bible in a personal and interactive setting. These Bible studies go through various key issues that relate to young people.

Join us if you can every Sunday at 9:45 am.


Our youth leaders understand that many young people need guidance in certain areas of their lives. A wide range of decisions are made during the teen years and it is important that they are made wisely. We believe compassion makes a difference and offer practical and Biblical counseling to both youth and parents alike.

Personal Outreach

The goal of our youth ministry is to help teens grow closer to the Lord and live a genuine Christian life. Personal outreach is a program in which a youth leader spends one on one time with a teenager to provide support as they help them grow closer to God.